This month we are featuring our member The Management Council. Read on to learn about their important work!

If you could give an elevator pitch/explanation about what the Management Council does, what would you say?

The Management Council supports Ohio’s eighteen Information Technology Centers comprising the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN). The OECN implements academic and administrative technologies across Ohio’s PreK-12 education community. This includes five core services (EMIS, fiscal, internet, INFOhio, and student information systems) that securely house and distribute data and billions of dollars for Ohio schools.

How does the Management Council envision their next 5-10 years?

The Management Council and its various technical and educational divisions (such as INFOhio, Ohio K12 Help, and Ohio State Software Solutions) will continue to ensure students have appropriate connectivity, support, software, and digital resources to get the education they need to succeed now and in the future. Additionally, the Management Council will help ITCs to provide and expand their top-tier services to local governments and regional entities best served by nearby ITC expertise in information technology.

Why is it important for the Management Council to be part of an organization like Broadband Access Ohio?

The success of Ohio’s learners, teachers, and leaders depends on equitable, reliable, and high-speed access to internet, which enables participation in a global economy. Partnerships like the one shared with Broadband Access Ohio help create a coalition of like-minded individuals/entities who can share resources to achieve a greater common purpose.

How does supporting community broadband and private-public partnerships advance your goals?

Broadband is critical for all students in Ohio to have connectivity, support, software, and digital resources to achieve the educational attainment they need to succeed and prosper. By supporting community broadband and private-public partnerships, the Management Council is able to expand outreach, build coalitions, and create new networking opportunities to advance Broadband awareness and funding.

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